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We offer the Baja California business society (including Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos, Loreto, Mulege, East Cape, Baja Sur and North) an inexpensive option to promote their businesses on the WWW without costing an "arm and a leg" as the English expression goes. We believe that many online advertising options targeting the Baja California market have highly exaggerated prices. Despite the additional work and administration load that placing advertisements creates, these exorbitant prices are not justified.
We have redesigned all of our Baja Sur Online Infotheque Network websites to offer clean and fresh Baja websites for your advertisements. In addition to the 6 Infotheque Network websites listed below, we operate several other Baja California tourism and Baja activities related websites. All have respectable rankings in the big search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.
How can you see what the ranking position of a website is? We develop our sites to be used with a standards-compliant web browser such as Firefox. You can download and install Firefox in minutes and it includes the Google Bar which has an integrated Page Rank display.

If you are a die-hard Internet Explorer user you can follow this link Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer.
The Google Toolbar Pagerank display will give you a rough idea how a website is indexed with Google. It does not necessarily reflect traffic, visitors etc. A pagerank 2 website could easy outperform a pagerank 5 website in that matter. So just take it as an approximate guide.

How can you find out how a website is performing in "real"? You can go to Traffic Estimate and enter the domain you'd like to get some feedback about. You can compare with competing publishers you may consider using for your promotions. It is not an exact science, but it does give you a very good picture. Traffic Estimate uses different
resources on the web combined with mathematical and statistical methods to estimate how many visits a website has.It can be used for numerous purposes especially when doing research. An Advertiser can get an estimate of how many visitors a site has before buying adverts for example.

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