Advertisement on B. I. N.

Advertisement on Baja Infotheque Network
What's it all about, that 4-8-12 peso per day deal?? Very simple: thats your price to have an banner-ad, 1/2 page or our premium "pagina infotheque", an 2 pages deep micro website that runs under the OR domain. (Further below you will find links to examples.) Please be aware: This is our Grand Opening special and will apply to the first 100 customers approach us. First come - first serve!!


  • 1.) Why are you so cheap?? We are not cheap - we offer a lot value for a decent price. Maybe you should ask the other way around: why are similar La Paz related websites expensive for small ads or links?? Go, ask them - we make enough with our regular day to day operation, the cost of operating server and websites does not change for us if we display advertisements. This special offer is to welcome you on our Infotheque site.
  • 2.) How does it work? For example for 4 peso a day - you order your promotion (e-mail, phone in La Paz), you choose your banner and layout ( horizontal or vertical) we produce the banner, send you a sample, you pay your 1 year - 1460 peso and as soon as we got $ you will be published at all our 6 Infotheque Network websites (La Paz, Loreto, Todos Santos, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Baja Business). If you do not like the location of the banner at the different pages we will change it.
  • 3.) What can I display on my banner? You can choose from any template we display (the selection will grow with time) or any other photo you select (if you supply the image) and you can display your business name and the address or directions. The banner can be static .jpg or .gif or animated .gif, hey - if you come up with a real good reason (we like to laugh in the office) we'll even make you a .swf flash banner...!!
  • 4.) What about the 8 peso a day deal?? For 8 peso a day you get a space similar to La Shari Lava. Like with all of our specials: you select, pay (fee's are paid annual one time) and you are published! You can supply up to 5 images and the content for your space, your address and email address. We do the rest
  • 5.) The prime-time offer- what do I get?? You get 2 full pages in the flavor of the templates displayed here Operating examples of signed up clients you can view here: R.C. Foto. Additionally we install you 1 PoP e-mail account with a name of your choice under the La Paz Infotheque domain name. Example "". Also you get an additional banner like the 4 pesos offer has. You provide the content and images for the pages, we design and publish appropriately for you. Time frame?? App. 48 hrs. from time of order/payment received until we publish.
  • 6.) Where and on what other websites in the Infotheque Network will my banner be published?? You can find all the information in regards of the Baja Infotheque Network Websites that publish your banner here. Other advertisement options on this page.
  • 7.) How can I pay? We do offer several options, cash with our representatives when you place the order, with Credit Card over the internet secure payment portal " Paypal" or "Moneybookers" or deposit at a "Santander Bank Mexico" account.

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